From: Barry L. Davis

If you will give me just a few moments of your time, I promise that you will receive much back in return. In fact, what I'm going to share with you can multiply the short time you spend here a thousand times over.

Every person I meet has the same complaint -- they don't have enough time to get everything done! Whether they are men or women, Americans or Australians, CEOs or Homemakers.


Well guess what? I know how you can not only turn your 24-Hour-Day into 25 Hours, but even 26, 27, or 30! Of course, I can't really change time, but I can show you how to gain extra hours every day, week, month and year of your life, and do it by putting forth less effort than you are today.

And it is as simple as can be! It's the perfect solution if you regularly find yourself looking back at at your life wondering what in the world happened to all your time, and why you have very few results to show for it.

So Let Me Share this Simple

Three-Step System with You:


Step #1 -- Write down everything that you need to get done today.

Step #2 -- Assign a time period to each task you need to accomplish.

Step #3 -- Select one of the tasks on your list, start a timer, and focus only on the task at hand until is is completed. Repeat for each task on your list.

If you will practice these three simple steps on a regular basis, it will completely change the way you get things done in life...guaranteed! Take another look at the three simple steps, and then take a minute to allow the structure and purpose behind them to sink in -- you'll quickly begin to see the genius in the system.

I can say this without bragging, because I didn't invent it -- I'm just a true believer because I know how it has impacted my own life.

So here's the big question:

Why Does It Work So Well?

It boils down to fact that it uses these three key elements:

  • An end-result or goal (each of your daily tasks) - Our brains love goals, big or small, because they're built to be goal-seeking machines. Give your brain a goal, and it immediately goes to work finding ways to achieve it.

  • A specific timeframe or deadline (the time you assign each task) - Once your brain has a goal, a deadline is the fuel that motivates it to act! The shorter the deadline, the more revved up your brain gets.

  • Believability (the order and structure of the system) - Instead of surrendering yourself to lackluster results because you see your day as an overwhelming, uncontrollable mess, this system breaks your day down into small, manageable pieces that you actually see yourself getting done with ease. When you believe you can, you will!

When these three elements are brought together, the synergy totally transforms the way you psychologically and emotionally look at all the things you have to do.

So much so, that after you've used it for a while, you almost feel yourself getting addicted to taking action.

I don't know about you, but that's a habit I can definitely live with!

How We Made the System Even Better!

While the system itself is very powerful, when you use it every day, you begin noticing a few minor, pesky things about the manual approach that slow the process down a bit and make it feel clunky:

  • You have to manually make a daily list the slow, 'old-fashioned' way - with pen and paper

  • You have to remember what needs to be added to the list, including tasks you take care of on a regular basis

  • You have to find a timer (a watch or egg timer) and repeatedly set/reset it for each task

  • You have to constantly refer back to your daily list to manually cross items off that you've accomplished

Because I personally experience the power of using this system, I knew others would benefit from it as well. But I also knew that some of these drawbacks, although seemingly minor, might either slow them down when using it, or prevent them from trying it altogether.

In addition, it's a well-established fact that the more your mind can visualize something, including your daily plan, the more real it becomes, and the more likely you are to take action on it.

Fortunately, in our day and age, all of these can be easily solved with technology -- software.

So I set out on a mission to have software created around the system with the following goals in mind:

  • Working with, and adding daily tasks had to be simple

  • The setting and creation of timers had to be automated

  • The completion of tasks needed to be tied to some sort of on-screen visual feedback

  • The interface had to be intuitive and visually appealing

 So Here's What We Came Up With!

I call it the Action Organizer

Simple, Smart, Success!

Those 3 words explain what The Action Organizer is all about.

The goal behind The Action Organizer is very simple: To give you a way to visually structure your day in a way that you feel absolutely compelled to take action and get things done, once and for all!

When you use The Action Organizer, there's no complicated time-management 'system' you need to learn or remember.

All you need is:

  1. A list of tasks to complete

  2. Some time to get them done

  3. A finger to click your mouse

That's it!

In addition to being built around a system designed to motivate you to take more action, the interface helps you get absolutely clear about your day, allowing you to easily visualize your time and accomplishments at-a-glance.

Want to see it in action?


The actual program is much larger and clearer than what you can see on the video.

The Action Organizer
Makes It Easy To Take Action

Here's How:

  • Plan Your Day In 30 Seconds or Less - The Action Organizer comes pre-loaded with lots of common tasks, or add as many of your own as you desire. With all your tasks readily available, you'll have your day planned in no time!

  • Determine Where Your Time Is Going - Just click a button and The Action Organizer will generate a report about all the actions you've completed, helping you quickly see how your time is really being spent

  • View Your Day With More Clarity Than Ever Before - Instead of your day looking like some blurry, "stack of stuff" you need to do, The Action Organizer uses graphical elements to help you actually visualize it, making it more real and more achievable to you

  • Feel A Stronger Sense Of Achievement - As you finish tasks using The Action Organizer, the interface provides you with visual feedback of the tasks you've completed, giving you the momentum to continue moving forward

  • It's Your Full-Time Accountability Partner - The Action Organizer will keep track of what you have accomplished, and it never lies! You will know exactly how much time you spent on various tasks

  • Spend More Time Using It, And Less Time Learning How To Use It - With an intuitive, simple interface, mastering its use usually takes less than 3 minutes!

  • Get The Windows And Mac Versions - When you order today, you get access to both the Windows and Mac versions of the software.

And the cost? Only $27.00 for a Limited Time!

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